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Stricter Requirements Meet Changing Trends
Gain Demand Insights Earlier

Manufacturing costs in Asia have been rising. Such has moved supply chain partners to demand stricter production requirements on minimum orders and lead time. Meanwhile, retail channels are moving towards a consumer-driven model that requires quicker action based on demand changes. For wholesale brands, these factors and their combined impact have elevated the critical importance of the following capabilities for them to successfully control costs and meet demand:

  • The ability to have demand visibility across all channels & accounts
  • The ability to quickly aggregate orders with higher accuracy
  • The ability to effectively plan for future demand with the aid of forecasting

7thonline Wholesale Solution aims to drive planning efficiency and wholesale margins via a systematic approach to top-down and bottom-up merchandise and assortment planning. It provides a single platform for internal and external teams to deeply collaborate and analyze demand opportunities and inventory risks. Brands are able to drive integrated production and sales decisions to impact the bottom line.

Merchandise Plan
Accommodate and reconcile multiple plans between corporate and regional

  • 24-month/single month budget planning at category level
  • Flexible hierarchies
  • Pre-populates Assortment Plan
  • Plan Style Count

Assortment Plan
Plan by account, region or stores; capture orders with ease & accuracy

  • Visual or analytical view
  • Auto update of product data
  • Automatic order placement
  • Custom catalog creation

Seasonal Flow Plan/Ladder Plan
Effectively plan for multiple deliveries throughout the year

  • Customizable assortments by Account, Region, Stores
  • Multi-Months Units Flow
  • In market order capture
  • Automatic order placement

Retail Connect
Seamless integration with planning systems of Macy's, Belk & others

  • Style List Management
  • Style Bank Integration
  • Order Upload

In-Season Inventory Management
Plan and track in-season performance; plan replenishment for basics

  • Leverage sales analytics
  • Forecast production orders
  • Identify trends and opportunities
  • Improve fill rate

Online eShowroom
Streamline specialty buying process via web-based B2B eCommerce platform

  • One-to-many sales penetration
  • Adaptable to multiple selling processes
  • Global access 24/7

Production Buy
Gain visibility to global demand by region/channel/month

  • Analyze demand and enter buy units for production based on metrics including:
    • Projected units
    • Production margins
    • Minimum requirements

BI Report Builder
Intuitive & Flexible Reporting Engine Designed for The End Users

  • Embedded BI—no additional cost to solution
  • Domain specific for fashion industry
  • Ad-Hoc queries & reports

Optimize inventory and drive production accuracy for profit growth

  • Gain earlier demand visibility from all accounts and regions
  • Leverage such visibility for effective factory and sourcing planning
  • Enable collaboration with retail partners and seamless internal communication
  • Drive production accuracy to better match demand
  • Increase fill rates, reduce stock-outs, increase inventory productivity

Intuitive BI reporting engine, embedded
A wealth of decision making power only one click away

Yes, it is possible—your Available-to-Sell (ATS) report can be generated by one click of a button at any time during your craziest market week so that you always have a solid handle of what sales to chase and what orders to fill. In fact, you can easily build any report on the fly by simply “drag and drop” your desired attributes and metrics in the 7thonline BI Report Builder without going back and forth with IT. Click “run” and dive right in to the freshly produced report on your screen without waiting on anyone else any more.

Given the explosive amount of data available for your growing wholesale business, you need more time to analyze data and take quick actions instead of wasting precious time compiling spreadsheets or waiting on your IT team that is already swamped with many other requests. The tool you need for such analysis has to be intuitive and easy to use without requiring you to become a data scientist or programmer. It also needs to be relevant to your industry to allow for the highest quality reporting. That is why we have created our Report Builder to have an extremely intuitive interface and a large amount of attributes and metrics specific to this industry and your wholesale business.

Unlike other solutions that offer BI as a separate module, we have decided to embed our BI Report Builder into our planning platform and offer it at no additional cost. We want our users to take advantage of this incredibly powerful analytical tool from Day One.

Build and run reports on the fly with simple “drag-and-drop”
Faster and more accurate way to analyze your business and make timely decisions

Gain access to a library of pre-made reports from industry experts and other customers
Leverage industry knowledge and best practices in tracking and planning your own business

Take advantage of this powerful analytical tool at no additional cost
Embedded into entire planning platform for your best financial and business value